For Artists

Simig Media records' primary vision is to increase and enhance the role of "self-produced" artists in the music industry. Today's independent musicians have a wealth of technological tools at their disposal to create professional-quality music from the comfort of their own home studios. Many of Simig Media's artists are putting out their first "real" album after many years of experience in songwriting and musicianship.

Simig Media's goal is to maximize the value our artists can attain from their recordings, by offering them to the world in a number of manners. The most obvious way in which we market music is to publish and distribute Compact Discs through our site and a number of partner channels, targeting market-specific outlets for each genre of music. In addition, we work with our artists on digital distribution channels such as the iTunes Music Store, Rhapsody, Napster, and others. Finally, we work with content buyers in the movie and television industries who wish to acquire rights to music for their creative productions.

One of Simig Media records' primary grounds for talent opportunities is the online music community MacJams is a renowned community for independent musicians to learn and hone their craft by collaborating with other musicians, posting their compositions for review and critique, and listen to the work of others. Simig Media welcomes any and all self-produced musicians to to explore and grow their musical boundaries and experiences.

Artists who are interested in joining Simig Media's roster and share our vision for changing the music industry are invited to contact us.


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