About Simig Media records

Simig Media's records division is an evolution in music companies. Our goal is to bring to the power to deliver music to the world. The music industry has too long been dominated by a system in which over a million records must be sold for an artist to be considered successful. Indeed, even independent record label must sell tens or hundreds of thousands of albums to be profitable.

Simig Media seeks to bring to light "self-produced" artists who make their music in their own home studios, using their own equipment and modern recording software. The power of technologies recently introduced by forward looking companies such as Apple Computer have made it possible for such artists to create compelling works without the expense of million dollar studios and other overhead expenses. Simig Media reduces the other costs associated with record distribution by leveraging a grass roots, organic marketing strategy and by maximizing the bang for the buck on every dollar spent on mastering, replication, and other distribution expenses.

Additionally, non-traditional distribution channels such as Internet downloads, cell phone ring tone use, and the like, are part of the Simig Media plan to promote our artists' music far and wide.

Part and parcel of the Simig Media dream is an online community of musicians from which to garner great songs and albums to be marketed to the world. In view of this need, Simig Media founded and operates the MacJams online community, which consists of over 18,000 talented independent musicians who create their own compositions and share many of them with each other and the world. MacJams is a place where musicians can come to improve their craft, share their work with friendly ears, and push their music outward to the world.

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